My advice to graduates wanting to work in the software industry.

My readers will know I have an abiding interest in Design Thinking, and how it can and must be applied to improve software.  I’m convinced that Design will become a critical skillset, not just for the creative types, but throughout the business.

I’m planning to do some more research on this, so if you know of innovative uses of design thinking,  especially if applied to HR type processes, then drop me a note.

If you are graduating from  University, and wondering what to do next,  I’d suggest you head over to Potsdam and spend a year learning about Design.


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2 thoughts on “My advice to graduates wanting to work in the software industry.”

  1. Thomas

    Remember me , Amit Avasthi from SAP India.
    I agree with you very much here. Future software would be all about usability and better usable software would ensure higher usage.
    I have worked with Ramco Systems early in my career designing the Ramco HRMS, there was an initiative similar to the initiative that we had at SAP.
    I would be interested to work and discuss more on this, would be my id.

  2. I think graduates need to start thinking about getting into the “cleantech” and “greentech” startups that are exploding all over the place. If you’re a young person that wants to “make a difference”, then the world of alternative energy is the place to go to – there are plenty of spaces for young engineers, business development (sales) positions, and even young computer science grads. Although SAP is a great company to work for, I think your future could be more fulfilling in the cleantech sector.

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