Improving the conference call experience.

I’m quite fond of piano music, both classical and jazz.  At the end of tough day,  a touch of Debussy or perhaps Vaughn William’s Lark Ascending takes the edge off things. It still amazes me that a hammer hitting a string can generate so much beauty and peace.

In my new job, I have become a regular user of the conference call.

I have come to hate the tinkle tinkle piano music that plays while you wait for folks to join the call.  You all know the tune.  I like tinkle tinkle piano music, but just not the same 10 seconds of  light jazz,  looping endlessly.

My request,

Dear Conference Call company

Please make a partnership with When I dial in from my normal phone, please pick up my music preferences via my phone  number, and  play me something that I might actually like from my profile.  I might even press *5 to buy the single!

Kind regards,

Your regular user



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7 thoughts on “Improving the conference call experience.”

  1. Hear hear!
    Don’t you if u noticed, but the waiting music in the SAP telecon service is the same as the lufthansa channel 8 audio (which is the default channel)

  2. Most audio conference systems will compress the voice traffic to increase the total number of calls that can be accommodated by the network.

    Compressing the voice reduces the quality of the audio which for voice calls is acceptable. However when you compress music it sounds terrible. You are usually limited in your choice of what can be played as music over the phone system.

  3. It’s a nice idea and hopefully (@Farouq) the technical constraints will be overcome at some stage. In the meantime if they could load a least 100 complete works of music and play those in one long endless loop …

  4. Love the idea. At a min, changing the tune would be helpful. Our system plays Mozart but since my kids watch Little Einsteins on the Disney channel, I have stupid lyrics on my mind to accompany the tune which makes it even more painful.

  5. not a confercne call, but I am on hold with the IRS for a corporate tax question and the music is Strauss’ Blue Danube!

    Pleasant but not if my hold exceeds 10-15 minutes 🙂

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