A little bit of Italy this weekend


As part of my training for the 8 day adventure later in the summer, I’m heading down to Italy for a ride this weekend, called the Gran Fondo Pinarello. It is also a chance to catch up with a good friend, Mark, and get to see a bit of Italy I’ve not visited.

Pinarello is a bicycle maker, steeped in tradition, but still very innovative. The Italian cycling industry deserves serious study by the innovation theory gurus. Despite increasing global competition, and several fundamental shifts in core materials, it continues to thrive and innovate within the very restrictive constraints of the UCI racing bicycle rules.  I bet the supply chain stuff is interesting too.

I think Gran Fondo is Italian for you idiot, why didn’t you register for the shorter version?

I’ve not done as much training as I hoped, as work has been busy. I’ve just wrapped up the HCM software hype cycle., with a lots of help from Jim. Here’s hoping that my legs emerge out of the trough of disillusionment that I reckon will hit at about 150kms. That last hill looks nasty.  It has a really long name. Presa XIV del Montello.

Treviso is a beautiful town.


Thanks to the flickrstream of Simone.

It isn’t that far from Venice, but alas not as flat. It is also a wine region, famous for prosecco and the  Radicchio Rosso di Treviso


(from Jerry Cherfas’ flickrstream)

I’ll report back with details on my return.

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