Gran Fondo Pinarello

Apologies on the delayed posting…

This was  a brilliant event.


The ride was super. Weather not too hot, and it didn’t rain.  Mark and I took it slowly, our goal was just to finish.  The winners podium had already been dismantled by the time we rolled in.  We also had an unplanned detour when we followed the wrong sign. It added an extra few kms to the ride, but we weren’t really counting.




Highlight was  Passo San Boldo. It was built by the Austrian Army in the first world war. Each hairpin is actually a tunnel, cool and refreshing.  This should be a standard feature. 


(photos from Hermann)

The last hill of the day, Montello was relatively short, but steep in parts, because it was at the end of the day, it felt much worse that it should have done.  We then  had a lovely descent and spin into back into Treviso. I sucked on the slipstream of a much fitter cyclist, but he didn’t seem to mind.

I would have taken more pics, but the N95 battery is weaker than even my legs.

Thanks to the chaps from london dynamos for organising our hotel, and for the fine company. Mark, thanks for organizing it. Next year Norway!

Listening to my inner voice.
The day before the race, while driving to the Frankfurt-Hahn airport (which, incidentally,  is nearer to Paris than Frankfurt), a little voice in my head said, “you have left something important behind!” 

I pulled over and sure enough, no cycling shoes.   So I got on the phone to Mark, who was already in Treviso. He was able to nip into the Pinarello shop, and pick me out a new pair of Sidis. I knew my size, so I left the colour choice up to him and the Australian shop assistant.


They fit like a glove. These are possibly the most sparkly shoes ever made. I am visible for miles.  They are also light and the soles are ultra stiff carbon.  Gorgeous OTT Italian design. 

I also needed new pedals, as no-one had my old cleat design in stock.  The pedals are the Look Keo, carbon with titanium axles, again shaving grammes off the bike, but I could be better served by eating more salad.

My new wheels budget is now blown.

The flight back was a nightmare. 12 hour delay. Slept on the floor in the airport. Ryanair when it works is great, when it doesn’t it is grim. I also had a moment of security theatre with my tiny CO2 canister.  roughly 3000 cyclists passed through Treviso airport, I’d guess 80% of them with CO2 pumps.  Anyway, my CO is staying in Italy. You can breathe easy air travel is safer now.

Treviso is well worth a visit. Even if you don’t go into the Pinarello shop.  For cyclists though, it is almost a shrine. Better than the Apple store.  Excellent high end stuff and great service. I even got to see the original Giovanni Pinarello himself.  A global brand, but a family business. 3 Generations of the family working in the shop.

We also managed an afternoon in Venice. Yes it is beautiful. Yes it is crowded.

The ride was a good wake up for me in terms of fitness. I need to shed a couple of pounds and do some nasty intervals training if I’m to cope with  the Alpine excursion

  More about that route in another post.


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4 thoughts on “Gran Fondo Pinarello”

  1. Hi. I assume by “Norway” you mean the Trondheim-Oslo ride. Nowhere near as pleasant as Gran Fondo Pinarello! I’ve done it many times, and I’d be happy to offer some advice if you’d like.


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