Polar Rocks

The battery in my polar s725, after 4 years of sturdy service decided to expire, 4 days before our trip into the Alps. I posted it off to the service centre, with a note pleading for speedy service but  thinking there would be no chance it would be back in time for the tour.

It came back today, fully serviced with a new type of  heart rate belt.


Thanks Polar.

One thought on “Polar Rocks”

  1. I had a similar experience last year.

    After having used my RS800sd for a year, the spring on the red/lap button was “slow”, making it difficult for me to take accurate lap times.
    So I sent the watch in, thinking I would get it back from repair weeks later with a hefty bill, as the guarantee had just run out. And because I cannot live without this watch, I would have paid for it without blinking too.

    But instead, less than a week later, I received a brand new watch, no questions asked!

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