Checking out Portofino


Our first day in Italy involved quite a lot admin and preparation, so we just went for a short spin to test out the bikes. We headed down the coast from Rapello, where we were staying, to Portofino.  We stayed in a super hotel, Villa Luisa. Friendly and helpful staff.

Richard planned a route that involved us climbing up some goat trails.  But when we got to Portofino, we popped up the hill to Hotel Splendido, which is indeed splendid. We spent a small fortune on a cup of coffee and a juice.


Here I am.


Some lovely flowers, and a monster yacht in the  harbour.


The coast road to Portfolio is very pretty


The beaches are rather full.


Geoff arrived in the evening, he flew from Cape Town, via Scippol, to Milan, then via train to Chiavara. Our base for the next 3 days. Alas, his bike didnt arrive. We had a few beers and a pizza at the local pizzeria. George instructed Richard on the combustible properties of Sambuca.


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