Second day’s ride

(19th  August) Geoff’s bike finally arrived.  As per day one we were based at Chiavara, and again Richard had planned ride that took us up into the Genovese  Apennines.  Richard changed the route slightly to avoid the coastal road and the tunnels.

George was plagued with a nasty head cold, so he took a rest.

We began climbing almost straight away. It was hot. Geoff’s large chainring was playing up, and we discovered that KLM had managed to buckle it. No small feat. After some running repairs we pressed on.


The day involved two significant climbs,  being Passo del Bocco, at 956m, and Passo del Biscia at 895m. Small compared to the alps to come, but from sea level, hard work.


Here is Geoff looking slightly tired and rather smug.

We had a fabulous lunch half way up Passo del Bocco. The  tiny trattoria served excellent pasta. We ate in outside in the shade.

The scenery is lovely, lots of trees, and no flat bits! Gradients though, are bearable, with few climbs over 10%.


On our return Geoff also had his titanium chain ring straightened with a few blows of a big hammer. He wasn’t able to watch, but since then the chainring has been in fine form.

1875 ascent,  3001 cals,  roughly 95  kms (speedo was playing up a bit)

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