Third day’s ride

20th August. Geoff, Richard, George  and I headed out.

The ride started at Chivari, but finished at Nervi, 97 kms or so.  Again, a route involving two biggish  climbs.  George and Richard charged up the hills, leaving Geoff and I to plod up behind.  Geoff mentioned his knee on several occasions. I had no excuses other than genetics.



Here are Richard and George asking what had taken Geoff and I so long.



The final climb was especially lovely, it had the feel of a proper mountain.



With a spectacular view down to Genova and the sea.



The descent was a bit hairy, and George’s bike woes continued. His tyre punctured. George and Richard went to fetch the car and tend to George’s bike, while Geoff and I investigated recovery supplements in Nervi Harbour.





1880 climbing, 97 kms, 3025 kcals.


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