The death of a word.

You were a lovely word. It wasn’t your fault.

A maverick is an unbranded range animal, especially a motherless calf; it can also mean a person who thinks independently; a lone dissenter; a non-conformist or rebel. The word first arose in mid-19th century America from Samuel Augustus Maverick, a Texas politician with a large ranch full of unbranded cattle

From Wikipedia.

I think it will be at least a generation before the word can recover.



A cow. In Garmisch. THanks to the opensource stream of heritagefutures.

4 thoughts on “The death of a word.”

  1. And you know what? I read recently that Samuel Augustus Maverick didn’t brand his cows for one of two as yet undetermined reasons:

    a) he was a “maverick”, in the common usage of the word, and chose not to because he didn’t feel like it


    b) he could thereby lay claim to all and any unbranded cattle

    Expediency or hoeing your own row. You decide.

  2. Oh, man – how true is that – and you aren’t even sucking up all the insane American media.

    I love Garmisch, by the way.

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