Thanks to the British Consulate in Düsseldorf

A new passport in three hours.

A consulate is a potentially stressful place, after all people don’t go there to be patriotic. They go when they have issues. 

The Consulate  team in Düsseldorf was friendly and supremely efficient.  Airports could learn something from the security team at the consulate, through, yet welcoming.

My old passport was getting very tatty. Last time I flew, the airline nearly didn’t let me fly.  My problem is that I travel too much to post it in and wait for a new one.  So I had to drive up to Düsseldorf, that took longer than the passport process.

Thanks again for great service.

It has one of these in. But I can’t blame the folks in Düsseldorf for that.


(photo from Kai Hendry)

2 thoughts on “Thanks to the British Consulate in Düsseldorf”

  1. Not only the airlines could learn from the British consulate in D’dorf, I would say. My current adventures with the German officials at the London Embassy confirmed my worst kafka-esque nightmares. Thank god it’s all over now and the application for my little Big Brother passport has been submitted to “the machinery”.

    Funny how Brits are far better at putting you at ease when it comes to official things. Germans, on the other hand, seem to like it when they constantly keep you at the edge of your seat.

    Who is the hammer and who is the nail?


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