Gosh. Hugh is on form.

I’ve never actually met Hugh face to face, but we have chatted a couple of times, we have several mutual friends, and his ebullient on-line presence means that I feel like I know him rather better than I probably do.

He is a cartoonist. I’ve followed his cartoons on the back of business cards since I started blogging, and they regularly bring a smile to my face.  I watched blue monster experiment with Steve  Clayton.

I’m finding his recent series on the Social Media Specialists really really funny.






Excellent stuff Hugh. Keep them coming. Making people laugh is goodness.

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2 thoughts on “Gosh. Hugh is on form.”

  1. Thomas,
    Agreed! I too have been watching the flurry of work with much enjoyment. His latest is an interesting commentary on social media.

    Art is so powerful. I love it when it’s used well. jp

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