The power of being nice.

This made my morning. I’m smiling now. Thanks for blogging it,  Michael.

And speaking of Michael, if you are in Australia and interested in HR and 2.0 stuff, you really  ought to check out his  event.  HR futures conference 2009. Great lineup of speakers, and I’m not just being nice.

Also I think  I need to watch some movies made by Kurt Kuenne. This smiling thing is really rather catchy.

8 thoughts on “The power of being nice.”

  1. Thomas, are there similar HR 2.0 conferences/events in the US that you’d recommend? We have a social recruiting product and want to know what the best forums are to reach potential buyers.


  2. It reminds of the early child development expert who was asked why two kids can be fighting tooth and nail one second, and then playing together happily the next. His answer: Because children choose happiness. It’s so much the better choice than the alternative.

    thanks for posting this,


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