Light Sabres and conferences

As an Industry Analyst, one gets to go to lots of conferences. This generally means lots of swag. Lots of stuff isn’t useful, piles of brochures, a logo laden bag and a t-shirt 12 sizes too big for me tend not to make it on the flight back. But sometimes the haul is excellent. Soft but bouncy balls make for excellent indoor cricket with the kids (please don’t tell my wife). The new trend of giving refillable water bottles is great, because they don’t leak over the homework. USB-sticks that double up as mp3 players score big points with baby sitters.

But the best swag yet has been the  light sabre.



Take one hot wheels track, preferably yellow, some masking tape, a nespresso capsule box and a swag laser pointer. Assemble together.  Time to implement 5 minutes. ROI 4 seconds, customer satisfaction  level ecstatic, maintenance costs approaching zero.   Not even Hans Solo could manage that. May the force be with you.

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