Now this is a mashup dashboard that I like.

 Via newteevee.

A group of Adobe employees have teamed up for the third year running to make a live tracking dashboard for the Amgen Tour of California, which starts Saturday right in their backyard in Sacramento.


This really impressive, it brings in feeds from multiple sources, mashes up fan commentary, maps, profiles and rider information. Very neat indeed.  Thanks Adobe, now if you could just do the same for ERP…


5 thoughts on “Now this is a mashup dashboard that I like.”

  1. The last sentence is the best – why can we get all the great UIs for (comparativly) irrelevant stuff, but nobody bothers to do that for ERP users, which could boost productivity soooo much…?

  2. C-Span had a great online service during the US election campain. They were displaying the candidate debates live with feeds coming from blogs and twitter.

    Now if you want to have a dashboard that displays info from an ERP, you might want to look at what the PersonAll guys do with personal pages:

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