Jeffrey Walker. Rockstrong. Cancer dude.


This my favourite t-shirt. I wear it a lot. I got it from Jeffrey Walker.  He is a member of the band “The Occasionals”, President of Atlassian, and all round good egg.  He is now also fighting cancer for the 4th time.

His positive attitude is  simply awe inspiring. Read his post, and you will be moved.  It makes other problems seem trivial.  I tried to find a bit to quote, but I think it is better if you head over there and read it all.

 Zoli’s post is well worth a read. His advice.

So let’s do our part: please comment on his blog, write your own post, Twitter, Friendfeed, you name it – just link to his post, and use the tag cancerdude.  Let’s give Jeffrey all the inspiration we can.

Jeffrey. You rockstrong.


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