I really enjoy my job except for


(fab photo from balakov)

ring,ring,ring, ring, ring (why the rings?)

tinkle tinkle

Welcome to the conference.

press 1 to join the conference, press 2 to press 3 to press 4 to press 5 to……….

please enter your 10 digit conference code followed by the #  Why 10 digits? is some nasty evil person looking to crack the code and listen to me talking about polish payroll?

please state your name followed by the #

Then listen to this really grim music. The musical equivalent of scratching a chalk board, or rubbing polystyrene with nylon, played on a early 1980’s mono tape deck with a stretched tape and sightly flat batteries.

Why cant it work this way?

I register my phone with you, so when I dial in from it, it takes me to the meeting directly.  If I need to be on hold, play me some music from my last.fm playlist, or via a profile website I pick something else I’d like to hear, the news perhaps, or Test Match Special

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