On speed and decisiveness

The first week in the office in St Leon Rot has been all about listening and learning. I’m spending my time getting to know people, product and processes. It is a surreal mix of familiar and new, of different and similar. Lunch is the same, but many things have changed.

What has surprised me the most  is the speed at which product decisions are made. I sat in on the call that reviewed what was built in the last release and I was flabbergasted as to how much happened in 90 days. I also listened in the on the first sprint call for the next release. Lots happening. Much less hierarchy, more autonomy.

The let’s get done attitude is contagious, and it has seeped into the SAP colleagues I have met this week. I see a spring in the step inside SAP that was largely missing when I last worked here.    The quarterly release business sharpens the mind.  Less powerpoint, higher velocity. Some of this is due to the cloud delivery model, but there is a cultural element too.

I like. I have much to learn.

4 thoughts on “On speed and decisiveness”

  1. Fascinating thoughts Thomas and it’s interesting to see the culture change at SAP. It’s great to hear how the “can do” attitude is influencing SAP to get things done. Hopefully you’ll find it easier to influence the “new” SAP HCM than the “old”. Best wishes for the journey.

  2. think next to the “cloud” its up to the new agile development models like Scrum, mixed with Lean Management and Design Thinking which are transforming SAPs culture since some years – its great that we see the positive outcomes now and that they help to rebuild SAP HCM

  3. Pure marketing. If SAP knew velocity why would they be taking so long to develop Employee Central or start building payrolls on that platform? Anyway, how credible is an employee when he gushes about his own company? We didn’t really expect him to say they were slow and bureaucratic, did we?

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