Transparency, performance management, HR and the Cluetrain.

At India’s HCL Technologies, workers get to grade the boss, and everybody can see the ratings. Read the full story over on business week. Instead of asking why should you open up performance management for everyone to see, I’d suggest you ask, “why not?” What is the point of having an elaborate recording keeping system … Continue reading “Transparency, performance management, HR and the Cluetrain.”

Thinking about Walls, The Cluetrain and Organisations

Many organisations, whether by design, or simply through the passage of time are siloed. Departments, instead of functioning as part of a well oiled system, become cliques. Organisational silt builds up, blocking the flow of ideas, information and innovation.  IT mistrusts Finance,  Finance thinks HR stands for “Human Remains” and HR thinks that IT spends all its money on … Continue reading “Thinking about Walls, The Cluetrain and Organisations”

Microsoft and the Cluetrain

This continues my thoughts and ramblings on the changing face of software marketing. I have followed Hugh’s blue monster experiment for some time.  (Hugh wants to sell wine, not Microsoft software, but it is a great way to follow grassroots marketing in action.) I’m really impressed with what Steve Clayton at Microsoft had to say. (quote from Hugh) … Continue reading “Microsoft and the Cluetrain”

Cognos and the cluetrain.

SAP and Cognos partner and compete.  But I’m impressed by the Cognos blogger  programme, or whatever they call it.  Perhaps it is because they stroked my ego, but I couldn’t help but blog this. Hi Thomas, I’m contacting you on behalf of Cognos with information we hope you can use. Vendorprisey is respected by the business … Continue reading “Cognos and the cluetrain.”

cluetrain is derailed. I guess I’m clueless.

Gapingvoid (who is kindly hosting the wiki for our charity bike ride up mt Ventoux for warchild)  links to Doc Searls who goes on again about his beloved cluetrain. According to Hugh we are now in a post-cluetrain phase. I’m clueless. I decided to refresh myself at the kool-aid dispenser by reading the said manifesto, etc. A small problem … Continue reading “cluetrain is derailed. I guess I’m clueless.”

Youtube and graduate recruitment

Cross posted from my Gartner blog. Readers of my blogs and research will know that I’m largely in favour of HR exploiting the “rich tapestry” of the Internet, and especially web 2.0 solutions such as YouTube, Facebook, Ning and LinkedIn. Candidates are using these tools, so HR is missing something if they aren’t aware of … Continue reading “Youtube and graduate recruitment”

Copyright, EFF Open Rights Group, and forming an opinion on digital rights.

Video here, if not visible.TEDtalks session I think I’ve read everything that Larry Lessig has published, and I saw him live a few years ago at the Oxford Union. This TED talk is one of his best. Restricting presenters to 20 minutes is a good discipline, at least in this format. Lessig is a master … Continue reading “Copyright, EFF Open Rights Group, and forming an opinion on digital rights.”

A brave and necessary experiment.

To all my SAP internal readers, I’d like you to switch off your Blackberry, move away from the powerpoint  and read this post from Yariv now. And then head over the wiki. I’ll quote part of the post here, but I strongly suggest you read it all. And subscribe. Enter the Wiki. In what may … Continue reading “A brave and necessary experiment.”

Who exactly are you calling a laggard?

In recent post (s) on ZDNET, amongst other things, Dennis Howlett has another go at SAP for being too conservative, brittle, wedded to the past, and so on. I disagree with him, but he is entitled to his own opinions.  I might be mellowing; but If I commented on everything on the ZDNET blogs written about SAP and … Continue reading “Who exactly are you calling a laggard?”