55 grammes, 11 bar and software design.

Sometimes design and engineering are about big and complex stuff. Suspension bridges, common rail diesel engines and polish payroll. Sometimes design and engineering are about stripping things down to the barest minimum, with focus on a single purpose. Like my new emergency bike pump. It weighs 55 grammes but produces enough pressure to pump a … Continue reading “55 grammes, 11 bar and software design.”

Design thinking and toys.

A very dear friend of mine, a Designer here at SAP, kindly gave my kids Christmas presents. All the presents were very thoughtful, perfect for each child’s personality, but the present that his family gave my boy is simply gorgeous.  Automoblox.  This stuff should be on metacool.  The design of the toy car makes me … Continue reading “Design thinking and toys.”

Taking a peek into SAP Business ByDesign. Payroll and HR. SAP and ADP.

There is a fresh zephyr of openness wafting through the corridors here in Starship Enterprisey. Two years ago, if you had said to me that an SAP solution manager would go on video to talk about a product that is not yet in general release, and that this video would be just stuck out on … Continue reading “Taking a peek into SAP Business ByDesign. Payroll and HR. SAP and ADP.”

Stockholm, SAP, design, and the millenials

I began this post on the plane on the way back from a dark and damp Stockholm. For the last 2 days  Design Services Team  and my team have been running a workshop with 17 customers. We applied the DLI to try and figure out what makes Millenials tick, and what impact this might have … Continue reading “Stockholm, SAP, design, and the millenials”

ByDesign is here

Warning.  A year or more of NDA makes for a rambling gush. Most of the launch coverage in the blogsphere has been positive, even some of SAP’s more strident critics are upbeat about the vision and progress. Dennis provides  an extensive  review of the enterprise irregulars coverage.  Herewith my take after watching the cast and reading a … Continue reading “ByDesign is here”

Homage to a design icon and a digression

I’m not talking about a  Barcelona chair   (from flickr of suttonhoo) nor a 1972 911 Carerra RS (from Ulfbot’s Flickr) no, not even the latest Campagolo Record. My number one design icon is the billy bookcase from IKEA. Seeing the Bauhaus thing last week made me realise why. Form follows function.  Everything about it, from packaging, … Continue reading “Homage to a design icon and a digression”

A design classic. 1927 and software?

More design ramblings.   On friday I got to visit the Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart. It was built in the late 1920’s, opening in 1927. The architects involved were Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Jacobus Johannes Pieter Oud, Victor Bourgeois, Adolf Gustav Schneck, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, Walter Gropius, Ludwig Hilberseimer, Bruno and Max Taut, Hans Poelzig, … Continue reading “A design classic. 1927 and software?”

Good design is beautiful.

This friday we had our betriebsausflug. A department outing. I’m not sure if this is a German thing or an SAP thing, but I can’t help thinking of school outings for grown ups. A fine thing indeed.  We drove down the motorway to Stuttgart, visited the Mercedes Benz museum and then had a guided tour of the … Continue reading “Good design is beautiful.”

Design, GUIs and Lance Armstrong

I rode the 1st stage of the Tour de France from London to Canterbury last weekend, with about 4500 other folks. 200kms, relatively (but cumulatively 1800 v.m) flat. I was vaguely unhappy with my time, but that was because I’ve not really trained consistently this year.   It did take longer to drive back than it did to ride it, but that … Continue reading “Design, GUIs and Lance Armstrong”