Wikipedia, Nicholas Carr, Andrew McAfee and Enterprise 2.0 nuked..

Nicholas Carr is currently infected with the wikipediaitis malady. It is a rare affliction, in that it creates an uncontrollable urge to mention wikipedia in almost every post.  I’m afraid that Andrew McAfee’s post from today may bring about a more widespread outbreak. I have caught it, and I expect it to spread rapidly amongst the Enterprise 2.0 community.

Wikipedia nuked Mike Stopforth’s entry on Enterprise 2.0. I thought it was a great start at building a useful reference source, and I was vaguely thinking of contributing myself. “I can’t cut the lawn, dear, because I’m adding to the world’s greatest knowledge store.”

If you look to the deletion discussion Andrew, you are the creator of a:

Neologism of dubious utility. I can find examples of it’s use online but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what it means other than “sort of like Web2.0, but businessy

This is a level of arrogance that even I can only dream of aspiring to. 

So other than a couple of articles in HBO and SMR, a good number of people talking about it, companies actually doing it, and people like Ross, who by all accounts makes a good living out of it, what does one need to do to keep an entry?

Oh dear I feel a long post about George Orwell and unthink and peasants and castles coming on. Help.


I see I’m not the only one that this irked…. Dennis McDonald has more.

And Jason too.