Eighth day’s ride

The final day. 25th August. (sorry for the delay in posting, but today is the first time I’ve had consistent email access in weeks)

My friend Sig joined us for the final day. He blogged an excellent  account of the ride here.  I’ll keep my account short, as Sig covered the details.

His wife Tittin kindly drove him up to the start. (This must have cost many domestic airmiles)

As with every single day on the tour, the sun shone brightly. I drove the support car for the only nasty climb of the day, up above the lake. The view was spectacular.



Richard and Sig comparing gadgets.

Isabel and Sig cresting the climb.


We rode down through beautiful gorges and valleys, finishing the stage about 140kms later at Vence, just inland from Nice.

Things got a little frantic towards the end, as Isabel needed to make the airport, she had to go back work the next day.  Not only did she drop me  on many of the  hills, but she can lead a mean chain gang.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Richard for all his efforts in organising the event. From planning the route, booking hotels and hiring the car, he managed everything. Thanks!

I also wish George a speedy recovery. (he is now back home in SA)

To all that donated to the charity, a special thanks.

And finally to my  family, thank you for the time off to do this.