joining the mac world

My good wife’s 5 year old Dell laptop gave up the ghost last month. Well the space bar hasn’t spaced for a while,  so we used an external keyboard. The dell was generally showing its age, occasionally not booting properely, and really running slowly. A sort of Alzheimer’s stage of affairs. Then last month the screen died. 

By default we had always had windows, without really thinking about why.  Time for a change. Well we decided to buy a mac laptop, a macbook, primarily because it looks nicer, but also because people like john and Charlie rave about their macs. I have never met anyone that raves about their Dell. I ordered it on the phone, as we wanted a german keyboard but english software, the phone was answered in two rings, and I was dealt with politely and quickly.

The mac arrived yesterday, as promised. My wife opened the box and called me to say that how cool and pretty it looked.  I got home late, and I switched it on. It was delivered charged up, nice touch. And within 3 minutes I was on the web with safari. Everything worked.  

My wife’s copy-editing and corporate journo business and blog will be run from the mac. Let’s see how we get on. It may be trendy to move to ubuntu (see cote), but I think we’ll give the mac OS and iWorks a try first. It looks so damn pretty and friendly. Once I have the mail talking to t-online, then I’ll be really impressed.  Mac newbie advice of course welcome. 

Update. Thanks Charlie Wood for the advice.

update 2. Perhaps we will get the nod now.


4 thoughts on “joining the mac world”

  1. You SAP bloggers really are having a Mac Attack. Jeff Nolan’s on it, so apparently are Shai and Leo. I dunno – next we’ll be hearing R/3 runs on the Quad boxes 🙂

    I used my ‘switch’ to Mac as a good excuse to kiss goodbye to desktop apps, eat my own lunch and go fully SaaS. No regrets so far.

  2. Yuh! Good man. Tell us how you like iWork. I don’t really do word processing in that form anymore, so I don’t use it much. On the other hand, I use Keynote.

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