Dad, stop using my Wii to play that SAP game.

I drifted over to SDN this evening as German TV was about as interesting as watching cement set. 

Have a look at what the guys at Colgate Palmolive are upto.

Using our newfound shiny object, we just had to experiment and introduce the Wii to the enterprise. We decided to integrate the Wii remote with an existing Ruby on Rails application connecting to an SAP BW backend

I remember as part of the developer challenge a couple of months ago some top SAP developers had experimented with the Wii, but to see customer developers  doing this means a lot more. 

This seems like fun, but it got me thinking.

1. The SAP ecosystem rocks.  These guys could probably get dates, but this is what they spent their Friday evening doing.

2. The world of the GUI will change faster  than most of us imagine.

3. SAP, Ruby on Rails and the Wii. Next time someone says SAP isn’t open I’ll suggest the pop over and talk to Ed, Dan and Mark 

4. Nintendo may have a business opportunity. 

5. Dan may have started to answer his own challenge.

6. There is masses of innovation going on in our customer base. We need to do a better job at uncovering and nurturing it, but SDN is a great place to start.  Customers telling their own story, in their own words beats a brochure anyday.

Thanks guys.  

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13 thoughts on “Dad, stop using my Wii to play that SAP game.”

  1. We weren’t really sure how this experiment would be received, but so far everyone seems to really be enjoying it. We have had some really great comments, and even people giving ideas about different things that this may be useful for.

    Maybe something real will come out of us playing around. I guess that’s what an open platform and a community to foster innovation to go with it is what it’s all about though, eh? =)


    Thanks for the mention on here; I am a loyal reader.

  2. Thomas,

    whilst I agree that pushing the boundaries is an important thing, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that “masses of innovation” are happening in the SAP customer base. From my experience, the SAP customer base is to a big extend interested in reducing costs of development and ownership. I mean, this is why standard software is deployed in the first place.

    And: A lot of projects I am involved in are about catching up with latest SAP upgrades and understanding/communicating to stakeholders what the next SAP release will bring in terms of business benefits – no time for Wiimotes or ROR there.

    What the Palmolive guys have done there is both fun and interesting, but it is an exception.

  3. I agree with you that innvoation is taking place. However my impression is that it is happening on a smaller scale and depending on the industry in question.

    From where I stand (UK), I can see a lot of SAP shops finding it difficult to have time and money to innovate in or with SAP (sadly).

    Companies (wrongly) shy away from too much innovation because they think:
    1. doing it internally means staff will eventually leave once they’ve aquired certain marketable skills (a problem that will go away over the next 2 years)
    2. doing it externally can come at a high price and makes them dependent on a consulting partner
    3. that there is still an assumption on board level that SAP standard software is there to solely reduce costs

    On a different note: I received my Wii last week and it has already become my top gadget of 2007. 🙂

  4. No problem – let me know when you’re around my neck of the woods.

    But I get the feeling that all of this is rather an attempt to challenge me on the Wii, right? I am unbeatable at Tennis…

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