Bring back the Benz !!!!!

The little town where we live, Ladenburg, is Carl Benz’s home town. He started the business in Mannheim, but it was here he built a factory and home in 1904, and he lived in the town most of his life. If you are ever in the area, pop in and see the local museum. One of his first cars is there, and a fabulous collection, including a silver arrow and a new Formula One car. (the town is beautiful too)

First Garage in the World

Photo from WrldVoyagr The first Garage. In Ladenburg you will also find the first purpose built car garage. It was in Ladenburg that the German tradition of washing your car every Saturday began.

Benz Auto Museum, Ladenburg, 9

Thanks to miraculix1951, his photostream of Ladenburg is excellent.

Stuttgart was the home turf of Daimler, but not of Benz. The companies merged in 1926, but as the head office is now in Stuttgart, the Ladenburg-Mannheim side of the story tends to get the  short straw.

It is time to correct this travesity of industrial history once and for all.

With the disposal of Chrysler, it is time to add the name Benz back to Daimler.

My German readers may wish to read this article in the Mannheimer Morgen. It is great to see the SAP HR Director, Claus Heinrich supporting this. He is also chairman of the Rhein-Neckar Metropole.

“Für mich ist das keine Frage: Benz gehört dazu”, erklärte Heinrich: “Er ist Teil der Innovationsgeschichte unserer Region, auf die wir stolz sind und die auch nach Außen immer wieder dokumentiert werden muss”, unterstrich der Vorsitzende.

Vague translation: For me it is not a question. Benz belongs, it is a part of the innovation history of our region, of which we are proud. This history should be consistently communicated..

So, dear readers, I would like you to click here and tell the chaps in Stuttgart. NO DAIMLER WITHOUT BENZ. There have been 13,000 petitioners so far, but lets use the power of the blogsphere to really make them sit up and notice.  

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3 thoughts on “Bring back the Benz !!!!!”

  1. BTW, the picture is, I believe, a Model I, of which only 25 were ever built by Benz.

    The one that is on display in Ladenburg is on loan from the Science Museum in London through next year.

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