Adobe and SAP

In the buzz about Duet, it is maybe worth reminding you about the SAP-Abobe forms integration.  I have written about this before It is at the core of the new HR administrator role, and is fundamental to most of the manager self service stuff.  The interactive forms tools are really powerful, and any customer on ERP 2004 or ERP 2005 needs to look at them now! Even those on earlier releases can do some cool stuff.

Beyond HR there is much  happening with records management, especially for complex public sector type processes. (Tax forms and so on)

I have just got off the phone with Henry Blythe, commercal director at Arch  Arch is a niche consultancy, and they just focus on Adobe SAP integration. Give them a call. they have done some really awesome stuff in government forms handling and in HR, and they have some really innovative ideas for e-recruitment…

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